The company ALU-COLOR s.r.o. specializes in powder coating of metallic materials. In addition to coating steel, the company offers powder coating of aluminum and galvanized parts. The company is one of the leaders in its field.

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product receiving

product receiving
  • At the beginning of the coating process, products go through visual incoming inspection and, if necessary, are reworked and "masked" at prescribed points before being attached to our transport system.
  • Maximum weight per product is 350 kg.
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surface blasting

surface blasting

We always recommend surface blasting for steel materials.

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Surface deoxidation and degreasing

Surface deoxidation and degreasing
  • Deoxidation and degreasing of the surface with Alfinal 275/1 + Alfisid 11.
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  • Passivation with Alfipas 7819 (zircon).
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powder coating

powder coating

After mechanical and chemical pre-treatment, the paint powder is applied automatically by means of an electrostatic process in our WAGNER paint booth. This is followed by curing of applied powder coatings takes place in one of our curing ovens.

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final inspection, packing and shipping

final inspection, packing and shipping
  • Coated products are finally inspected and tests are carried out as agreed with the customer.
  • All process steps are monitored, data are forwarded to our laboratory, analysed and recorded.
  • This is followed by packaging and dispatch.

our main suppliers

We rely on chemical pre-treatment from IDEAL-Trade Service, spol. s r.o., which distributes chemical pre-treatment systems from the German manufacturer Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG.

For coating, we use only powder coatings in façade quality (unless the customer wishes otherwise) from well-known manufacturers:

  • TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co. KG
  • OK Color spol. s r. o.
  • IGP Pulvertechnik AG
  • AXALTA Coating
  • Akzo Nobel Coatings CZ, a.s.
AkzoNobel Ok color ITS Alu finish Axalta AXIVA IGP Tiger

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