Laboratory Tests

In our climatic simulation laboratory, we offer test options for various areas.

We are particularly specialized in tests of paintwork (NSS, AASS, cyclical tests, humidity, microscopy and climaticl tests of electronic systems (especially automotive requirements according to e.g. LV124). A broad expert knowledge of the behavior of electronic systems under different environmental influences (temperature, temperature change , Vibration, humidity, influence on e.g. soldering points and other construction and finishing technology).

We are able to work with you to make the right selection of tests to uncover certain errors.

According to standard QUALICOAT the Company ALU-COLOR Ltd. Is required to produce a test sample minimally once a shift and in every order over 80 m2. On these samples that go through the realization process together with the order are carried out lab tests.

  1. thickness measurement – ČSN EN ISO 2360,
  2. gloss measurement – ČSN EN ISO 2813,
  3. grip test – ČSN EN ISO 2409,
  4. hardness measurement (Buchholz) – ČSN EN ISO 2815
  5. elasticity measurement (Erichsen) – ČSN EN ISO 1520,
  6. shock resistance measurement – ČSN EN ISO 6272,
  7. resistance to bending on cylindrical mandrel measurement – ČSN EN ISO 1519.

According to standard QUALICOAT the company ALU-COLOR Ltd. is required to make a test profile on which the tests are carried out.

  1. accelerated anticorrosive test (Machu test)
  2. boiling test
  3. polymerisation test (Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone)

Trials and tests results, records of processes monitoring and test samples with protocols have been available for customers since 1999.

We also perform laboratory tests and trials for customers who paint in their paint shops

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