We recommend to perform a mechanical pre-treatment of the surface by blasting before powder coating, especially for steel products.
Our qualified team performs blasting metal parts by technologies that ensures the required surface quality for powder coating.
Our blasting workplace has blasting chambers for the treatment of steel, aluminum and stainless steel materials.

We perform blasting with abrasive to remove:

  • an existing paint or finish
  • a corrosion
  • and other gross debrists

It is not a condition to paint the parts modified by us in our powder paint shop. We also offer the blasting as a separate service. Contact us


Equipment: Compressed air blasting chamber, type TTK - S.A.F. Praha

Maximum size: 7000x4000x3500 mm.

Abrasive material: GL80 (sharp-edged steel grit).

Equipment: Clemco 2040, ZERO cabin

Maximum size: 2800x1000x800 mm.

Abrasive material: glass beads and corundum


We provide comprehensive services from material preparation for powder coating to inspection of powder coated products, packaging and shipping.

  • we visually inspect each part upon receipt and remove any defects in the input material
  • we perform surface blasting as needed
  • we perform chemical pre-treatment by immersion - degreasing, deoxidation, passivation and drying
  • we perform powder coating in an automatic powder coating booths or by manual coating according to the type of product
  • as a final step comes curing in one of our curing ovens at the specified temperature
  • we visually inspect the powder coated products and perform the necessary quality tests of coating
  • we pack with our own or delivered material and prepare the products for export

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